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Book Launch-Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table

This Saturday instead of gathering at the kitchen table to write our stories, I will join a wonderful group of women from ages range from 20s to 80 to tell our stories at the Denver Women's Press Club. To our delight, this book launch and reading are sold out!

I was familiar with writing and publishing having completed two non-fiction books, but something was still missing. I knew I had to write more from the heart. Fortunately, one day I opened the mail box and found a brightly-colored postcard adorned by bright yellow sunflowers, the card mysteriously called to me. Write Your Life it shouted playfully. Contact Anne Randolph from Kitchen Table Writing to join in on the fun.

The postcard sat on my oak desk and stared at me for months refusing to be thrown away or ignored. Tired of the quiet nagging, I finally called and attended my first session. Nervous, I worried that I wasn't good enough. The truth was I was good enough and my writing would improve.

Unlike critique groups, Kitchen Table Writing focuses on words and phrases which move the reader. Leaving the critic at the door, we let the words flow from our hearts to our pens and on to the page. Over time, the words have found their structure, the story lines have developed and what was once free flow writing is now story.

It happened because as soon the ink barely dried on the page, we receive immediate feedback. One by one, we read our writing for the day aloud. Our coffee cups full, light snacks abound and we savor the words gathered at the Kitchen Table like a fine meal.

We are full and satisfied. We have grown as writers and as friends. The result is this new collection of memories ready to be shared.

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