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Persistence is the Wild Protection of a Dream

Years ago my (then teenage) son, Kasey, gave me a small picture he had received from an office supply company as a Christmas gift. A simple black frame and darkened background highlighted a small, worn, nub of a yellow #2 pencil, its point carved with a penknife, its pink eraser worked and chewed. “Persistence,” it said.

So, now that we have exhausted all possibilities…Let’s get started.

I was recently speaking with a client whose big dream had just come true. After 11 years of persistence and hard work, in two unexpected weeks involving a whirlwind of possibilities and negotiations — that dream came true.

Discouragement comes in many guises. Friends may lose interest in your dream, there may be unexpected family crises, and, in recent years, discouragement may well have worn the mask of financial setback.

We must be wildly persistent, passionate, and courageous in overcoming doubt in order to protect our dreams. Be a warrior, stand strong, and never let anyone take your dreams – those dreams

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