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Katherine Carol
Podcaster, Blogger, Speaker, Special Needs Parent. Office of Disability and Education Subject Matter Expert

Hello. Thanks for stopping by. A few things about me and what I do in life.


I live in Denver, Colorado. Currently, I am a recognized subject matter expert by the US Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy. 


Leadership is vital to me as I volunteer on numerous councils and boards of directors which support people with disabilities in reaching for their American dream.  


My current volunteer positions include Tri-Chair of the Colorado Employment First Advisory Partnership, a director on the Board of Imagine Enterprise in Texas, board member for the Washington Initiation on Supported Employment, a council member for the Colorado Technology First Council, and am a co-founder of Families at the Forefront of Technology and am a former organization consultant at the University of N. Colorado. 


In addition, I currently consult with non-profit organizations and Case Coalition, present webinars on topics related to navigating this complicated system designed to support people with disabilities, develop person-centered plans for both individuals and their families, and bridge the digital divide for people with disabilities.  


My extensive work history assisting people with IDD to secure supported or customized employment has allowed me to work with some of the best professionals in the country. 


But, perhaps, my most remarkable experience has been as a parent working through various systems designed to support my daughter, Mikelle, as one of the first students to be fully included throughout her school career and graduated outstanding senior for our local high school.  


Mikelle experiences significant cerebral palsy and moves through her world with a power wheelchair and iPad, which helps her communicate, making both of us technology advocates. Additionally, Mikelle owns her condo, has been working since she was sixteen years old. Together, Mikelle and I host The Shining Beautiful Series Podcast and are regular bloggers on Mikelle’s website,


As a caregiver, I focus on balancing work, caregiving, and taking care of myself. You could say my mission is to maximize benefits, opportunities, and human potential...including my own. My favorite activities include dancing, writing, gymnastics, skiing, camping, and hiking!  


Thanks again for stopping by. I look forward to hearing from you.

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