Katherine Carol
Author, Speaker, Special Needs Parent



I write because I love it. I dance because I love it. And, at this point in my life I have learned to spend my time doing more of what I love and less of what I just like.


Most of my life I have been caring for others as a teacher, wife, then single parent of two children, one of whom has significant special needs. I am tremedously proud of both of my children.


I have chosen to explore the intricacies of life, stand its stickiness and savor the sharp, mellow and spicy moments learning about myself and other women like me exploring the incredible ways we negotiate a dramatic and changing world.


I write about  the real issues we all face every day, things like caregiving, romance, friendships, growing up, love, loss and living life in the sweet spot.


I have written several non-fiction books and am now delving into memoir and romance.  Stop by my blog for writing tips, thoughts on publishing and short writing pieces. 


Thank you for stopping by and taking your precious time to hang out with me and my words. I am confident that as you read them, you feel as if I am writing about your own life.


Write strong and proud,