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Love, Disability and Single Parenting....A Slow Leaving

My daughter, Mikelle, and I share a website, www.TheShiningBeautifulSeries,com, and we have chosen February as the month of LOVE.


This month we invited Katie Grange to be our guest blogger. Katie resides in Aspen, Colorado, and is a parent of an adult child with special needs also. Katie’s three-part series on Love, Disability and Single Parenting is chock full of insight and advice for parents of special needs children.


Startled by what I read, I recognized myself in Katie’s words. I heard the same sentiments echoed throughout my own life especially when my parents offered, with love, these words: “Who would want to marry a single mom with two kids, especially given Mikelle’s many challenges?”


Katie was warned by “well-meaning” friends who themselves were recently divorced. These  friends had not “found someone,” and therefore couldn’t imagine Katie could find someone either. And yet, Katie has found true love for the second time around.In Part Two of Katie’s blog post, she shares tips on avoiding heartache. The top item on her list: Beware of the Knight in Shining Armor.


My own experience in this realm, when my dreams of the “Knight in Shining Armor” turned to disaster, just recently became a short story called “A Slow Leaving” and can be found in the collection, “Women’s Stories Gathered at the Kitchen Table” (2014)


.It has been a very long time since my second marriage. I am older now and so are my children. One thing still remains; I’m still the mother of a special needs child – one who is now an adult.


So what are my chances at lasting love? What are yours? After reading Katie’s blog, I believe that they are alive and well for all of us and ready to be realized.+


Here is the condensed version of a A Slow Leaving, my Knight in Shining Armor story.


A Slow Lea